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The Process for Placing Your Dental Implant

For the Best Results

Your dental implant is designed to last. The placement procedure requires a period of months to help assure that your implant has adapted and will function effectively.

Your Dental Implant Procedure

Initial consultation

An overall health evaluation is necessary prior to dental implant treatment. Your gum and bone tissue must be adequate and healthy enough to support the procedure. If necessary, a bone graft or sinus augmentation can support your treatment.

Surgical procedure

Anesthesia is provided to keep you comfortable during the placement process. Your implant is placed within your jawbone, a temporary dental restoration is provided to allow for function during healing, and you’re given specific post-op care instructions to guide your healing process.

Healing and recovery period

It’s essential that you allow your implant site to heal. Recovery can last from three to six months on average as your dental implant adapts to your gum and bone tissue.

Permanent restoration process

Your permanent tooth will be secured to your implant following the necessary healing period. The dental crown will be secured to the surface post to fully restore your tooth function.

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