What Does Dental Implant Treatment Cost?

Dental implant costs can range from $1500 and up depending on treatment plan. Your consultation and examination will provide specific fee information. Financing is available through Lending Club.

Loan Application

How to Finance Your Implant Procedure

Your tooth loss situation will help confirm what your cost will be. Our Deerfield Beach Dental Implant specialist will diagnose your circumstances and outline your procedure fee.

We will consider your specific appearance goals, your overall treatment plan, and the current condition of your bone and gum tissue. This helps us establish an accurate cost for treatment.

Flexible Payment Options for Your Dental Implant

We provide payment flexibility for you. Cash, check, major credit cards, or long-term financing options can be used

Financing Solutions to Help You Stay Healthy

Your health should not be a victim of affordability. Our affordable dental implants in Deerfield Beach are one way we help you maintain your health.

Payment options are available. Ask us about them by scheduling a consultation to discuss your tooth loss and the details of dental implant treatment.