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A High Success Rate

Dental implants are known to have a 95% success rate over other tooth replacement options. This gives them an advantage if you’re a candidate for the treatment following tooth loss.

What makes you an ideal candidate for dental implants?

  • You have a missing tooth or missing teeth
  • You have good overall health
  • Your bone tissue is adequate for a dental implant or you are capable of having a bone graft

Why dental implants could be a solid tooth replacement option for you

Your overall physical health helps determine if you are ready for dental implant treatment. How healthy your bone and gum tissue are is equally essential to proceeding with the procedure.

You can overcome inadequate bone or gum tissue. Soft tissue augmentation or a bone graft can prepare your missing tooth location for an implant.

Your initial examination and consultation provides useful treatment information. We will recommend an alternative tooth replacement solution if necessary.

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