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Why Dental Implants Have an Advantage

Security and an improved bite help make implants superior to other tooth replacement options. Long term use of dental implants compared to dentures reveals a number of advantages.

Implant Dentistry Significance

Implants are more secure than dentures

Your dental implant is anchored into your bone tissue. This prevents the slippage that is common with a dental bridge or dentures.

Bite strength

Chewing can cause your dentures to shift. Dental implants are secure like your natural teeth when you chew.

Restore your missing tooth gap

Missing teeth can change the structure and appearance of your face. Dental implants fill the gap caused by tooth loss and help preserve your facial tone.

Stop tissue loss

A missing tooth or teeth alters your jaw and gums. A dental implant helps stimulate your bone and gum tissue.

Tooth alignment

Your teeth can shift out of proper alignment following tooth loss. Dental implants fill the gap and help stabilize your surrounding and adjoining teeth.

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